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Rover's Morning Glory

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Rover is over Jeffrey's lying, a man is caught stealing panties out of the dryer, and much more!

Rover has more questions, heterosexual male entitlement, mass extinction, and more!

Rover has more questions after finding out what Jeffrey was holding in his hand. A new scientific study reveals the date when a mass extinction will occur. Verdict read in the Ethan Limin case. Heterosexual male entitlement. Barbie Botox. Megan Rapinoe retires from soccer. AI generated Jeffrey. Has Rover been using movie quotes?

Jeffrey was holding a mysterious object, Duji wants to be Rover's surrogate, and much more!

Jeffrey was walking around his house holding a mysterious object. The Rally's cup is missing. The Super Bowl Halftime performer has been announced. John Fetterman speaks about his recovery process. Anderson Cooper's family history. Duji wants to be Rover's surrogate. Draftkings results. Woman running for mayor explains her past occupation. Jennifer Garner seen helping a homeless man. Robot janitor cleans toilets for a price. Rover bought a new landscaping toy.

Dieter is not feeling well, foreign objects stuck inside the human body, and much more!

A team of doctors performed tests on the alien bodies found in Mexico. Dieter leaves the show to use the bathroom. Man rips off his shirt during an altercation at a golf course. A jail in Pennsylvania accidentally released a murderer. People are saying an AIDS memorial looks like a human body part. How many Americans go to the hospital for a foreign object stuck inside themselves? Rumble makes a statement about Russell Brand's content on their platform. Strange coincidence that the Taco Bell Cantina closed after JLR bought lunch Friday.

Rover's birthday, Duji gives an update on her mom, Dieter doubles down on his beliefs, and more!

Rover sets off the metal detectors, once again. Four supermodels speak out saying they were mistreated by Oprah. Duji gives an update on her mom. Dieter doubles down on his beliefs about Adam & Eve. Danica Patrick is facing backlash about comments she made about Martin Truex Jr.'s social media post. In Connecticut, a man pulls into his garage, is followed by two thieves and attacked. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner questions how you can lose a stealth fighter jet.

JLR has a new broadcasting area, metal detectors in schools, a surfing python, and more!

JLR Shart Studios. Former NFL player, Sergio Brown, seems to be having a psychotic break. A surfer in Australia takes his python with him to ride the waves. Guy was suing a hospital because he says he was traumatized seeing his wife get a c-section, which led to their divorce. Doordash delivery driver writes a mysterious number on customer's garage door. People are upset by Salt Lake City installing metal detectors at three high schools.

Bed bug studios update, Dieter is upset about women preferring to date nerds not jocks, and more!

Nick Chubb suffered an awful injury. Raiders player, Chandler Jones, has been sending out cryptic tweets. Mother of a high school football player is being ridiculed for how she hugged her son after he won their game. Another woman was causing a disturbance on a plane. Comedian, Hasan Minhaj, jokes about racism he has allegedly faced. There is a bed bug studios update. Women say you should want to date a nerd not a jock. Rover shares the progress of the Miami condo.

JLR has a private studio, Charlie went to Riot Fest, toothbrush gate, and much more!

JLR has his own private studio. Charlie went to Riot Fest over the weekend. Video of teens in Nevada who hit and killed a cyclist with their car. Dancing with the Stars revealed their cast. Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault. Toothbrush gate.

JLR interviews a guest, Duji's mom is in the hospital, and much more!

JLR's outside setup has gotten an upgrade. How much money do the members on the show need to be happy? How often to guys think about the Roman Empire? Would you time travel to the future or the past? Jeffrey tried his hand at interviewing a guest. Duji's mom is in the hospital. Man, who says he was booked on flight United 93, claims he was urged to change his flight the night before.

TSA agents caught stealing, State House candidate upset about leaked sex tape, and more!

Lyft is coming out with a new feature. TSA agents caught stealing from passengers at security checkpoint. Upset Door Dash delivery driver leaves something extra for the customer. A woman running for Virginia General Assembly claims people are distributing a sex tape of her illegally. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner involves unidentified beings.