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Maria Milito

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Paws of War Trains Service Dogs for Vets AND Rescues Pets From Other Countries!!

Art Twain Chats About The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion-A Humorous Tale of Animal Rights

Maria chats with writer, producer, Clio & Emmy Award winner Art Twain about his latest book The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion, written with his long-time friend Larry Belling (who sadly passed away before the book was completed)
Art talks about his love of animals since he was young; his amazing career in advertising and marketing, and of course the book, which deals with animal rights and preservation!
Although the book is aimed at kids 8-14, adults have been enjoying it as well. 
Give a listen and learn all about Art Twain and The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion.

Learn About Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue & Sanctuary

Maria chats with Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue and Sanctuary founder Pete Lillo about his sanctuary in Newton NJ. Pete takes care of about 60 ducks and geese, all on his own!!
Most of us know about animal sanctuaries like horses or pigs, but this one is all about our feathered friends. Listen and Learn.
You can follow Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue and Sanctuary on social media! 

Beloved Best-Selling Author Sy Montgomery's "Secrets of The Octopus"

Maria chats with returning guest Sy Montgomery (who's been referred to as The Octopus Whisperer)
about her new book SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS!
Sy teaches us about octopus and their ways and why we are fascinated by them--they're shapeshifters!!
The book also has gorgeous close-ups of them in their environment. Listen and Learn!

Feline Fix By Five Month!

Maria chats with Dr. Phil Bushby, a veterinary professional at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Bushby iis a trailblazer in his fight against animal overpopulation. He shares his vast knowledge about spaying and neutering, especially feline fix by five which means not the standard spaying/neutering after six months.
Listen and Learn!

Undercover Animal Investigator Pete Paxton Returns With SEED's Cailen La Barge

Maria chats with returning guest Pete Paxton about his latest undercover investigations; the upcoming puppy mill documentary Under Belly; and a new book about greyhound racing.
And Cailen LaBarge joins to talk about the fight for the Clean Water Act that SEED (Strategies for Ethical & Environmental Development: has been working on.

Lotsa info and lots for you to learn so give a listen!

Alma Del Jaguar: Tequila That Protects Jaguars

Maria chats with Founder & CEO McCauley Williams about the new tequila Alma Del Jaguar; an "exceptional tequila protecting jaguars" ! They keep it local, it's sustainable packaging and all for a good cause. As it says at Jaguars are our mission. Not our mascot.
Give a listen and learn!!

Nat Geo Kids DEADLIEST Animals On The Planet!

Maria chats with science writer and editor Jennifer Szymanski about Nat Geo Kids book Deadliest Animals On The Planet!

With stunning photos and fascinating descriptions, you can learn about the fearsome and dangerous animals and insects on the planet. Educational for adults as well!

MUTTS Comic Strip Creator Creator Patrick McDonnell Returns!!

Maria chats with one of her favorites MUTTS Comic Strip creator Patrick McDonnell who returns to talk about the latest: If you follow MUTTS, Guard Dog (who's been tethered for years) was finally freed this week and ultimately adopted!! You can learn more at

Patrick is a huge animal advocate and uses MUTTS to spread the word.
You can also learn about Patrick and the books he's written; products to buy (with % going to animal rescue); how we can help chained dogs and more at

Birda Is A New Birding App

Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing hobbies. Maria chats with Natalie and John White,
co-founders of Birda, the new birdwatching app! Become part of the community while appreciating nature by downloading the app!

***Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, this interview has clicks and drop-outs. I did my best to salvage it as I wanted to share Natale and John with you. I appreciate your patience listening...Maria***