Lost Fantasy Football Bet Results In $1K Tip For Waffle House Waitress

The penalty for finishing last in this fantasy football league was 24 hours inside Waffle House (minus one hour for every waffle eaten). According to CNN, Michael Carsley took the loss and turned it into a huge act of kindness.

When the day came, Carsely got to work eating waffles and went live on Facebook with his friends to have fun with the situation. He started hearing from people who wanted to help him pay the check. Carsley decided it would be better to donate whatever they could raise to servers who have struggled with fewer customers during the pandemic. He planned to eat 21 waffles and get out of there in three hours, but 21 waffles turned out to be tougher than he anticipated. As Carsley struggled the donations kept rolling in.

Check out the full blow-by-blow at the link above, but long story short, Carsely was able to get it done in 18 waffles and five hours. And he was able to tip his server, Mosammat Shumi, $1,040. The 11-year Waffle House veteran was blown away and plans to use the money for a flight to Bangladesh to see her mother and family for the first time in three years.

Photo: Getty Images