Top 10 Most Popular Bad Habits People Picked Up In 2020

It’s time to play the 2020 blame game, and rightly so. Our worlds have changed dramatically this year. We’re working remotely and the stress is high. That’s why we’re picking up bad habits.

The top one? It’s drinking either on the job or leaving work early to do so. Half of those asked not only drink during work, but cut out early to throw one back. And we have virtual happy hours with our co-workers or take a swig while watching the news. 

We’ve also let our healthy food habits fly out the window. Grabbing for snacks all day it a real thing now. So is drinking more caffeinated beverages, not getting solid sleep and wearing pajamas all day.

The good news is, about 45-percent of us worry we won’t be able to break the habits, so that’s the focus of 2021.

What are the top bad habits we’ve gravitated towards?

  1. Snacking more throughout the day - 40%
  2. Eating more comfort foods - 39%
  3. Not eating as many fruits and vegetables as they should - 33%
  4. Drinking too much caffeine - 32%
  5. Eating more junk food - 32%
  6. Not eating three meals a day - 31%
  7. Drinking too much alcohol - 26% (only shown to those 21+)
  8. Not exercising - 25%
  9. Staying in pajamas all day - 23%
  10. Oversleeping during a work day while working from home (only shown to those WFH) - 11%

The top plans to get healthier in 2021 are:

  1. Exercise regularly - 53%
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables - 51%
  3. Meal planning - 36%
  4. Regulate their sleep schedule - 35%
  5. Jogging - 33%
  6. Portion control - 29%
  7. Fad diet - 23%
  8. Drink less alcohol - 21% (only shown to 21+)

Photo: Getty Images