Meet TOYAH... our Rockin' Rescue of the week with Duke's Delites!

Toyah's Story

This is Toyah, a resilient and loving soul who, along with her five puppies, came to The Lehigh Valley Humane Society from an alleged dog fighting ring after a raid conducted by the Humane Society of the United States. Despite the harsh conditions she endured, Toyah remains an absolute sweetheart. At about 4 years old, she has an incredible capacity for love and warmth towards everyone she meets.

Toyah is a petite girl, often referred to as a "pocket pittie," and her gentle nature makes her the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loyal and affectionate friend. Her size and demeanor make her ideal for any home, and she is ready to bring joy and happiness to her new family.

If you're interested in making Toyah a part of YOUR family, contact The Lehigh Valley Humane Society here.

About Rockin Rescues

Rockin Rescues is proudly brought to you by Duke's Delites, a Lehigh Valley company dedicated to empowering young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Through this partnership, we aim to give amazing dogs like Toyah and her puppies the loving homes they deserve while supporting an incredible cause.

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