Meet GYNN! Our Rockin' Rescue of the Week with Duke's Delites!

Introducing Gynn, the resilient canine ready to capture your heart! At just two years old, Gynn is a delightful mixed breed with a heartwarming spirit, on the path to recovery from a severe skin condition. This sweet girl is all about spreading love, wiggles, and joy to everyone she encounters. Gynn is now seeking a loving forever home where she can receive the care and affection she truly deserves.

Explore the world of Gynn:

Joyful Demeanor: Gynn is a bundle of happiness, radiating positivity with her joyful and wiggly nature. Her infectious enthusiasm is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

Resilient Soul: Despite facing challenges in her past, Gynn has proven to be a resilient companion. She's ready to leave her troubled days behind and embark on a journey of health and happiness in a caring home.

Love Bug: Affectionate and loving, Gynn adores human companionship. Whether it's gentle cuddles or playful interactions, she's eager to share her love with her forever family.

Health on the Horizon: With dedicated care and attention, Gynn is on the road to recovery. Her future is bright, and she's ready to blossom into a healthy and happy canine companion.

If you're looking for a furry friend to:

  • Fill your days with joy and laughter?
  • Shower you with unconditional love and affection?
  • Be a constant source of positivity and resilience?

Gynn might be the perfect addition to your family!

Ready to open your heart and home to this lovable mixed breed? Contact The Lehigh Valley Humane Society at 610-797-1205 or submit an application here.

Rockin Rescues with 95-1 ZZO, proudly brought to you by Duke's Delites, a Lehigh Valley company empowering young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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