Meet CLARABELLE! Our Rockin' Rescue of the week with Duke's Delites!

Meet Clarabelle, the endearing bully mix ready to capture your heart! At just around two years old, Clarabelle is a sweet and delicate canine with a charming disposition, currently adapting to life at the shelter. With her unique mix and gentle nature, she's the ideal companion for anyone seeking a wonderful addition to their home.

Step into Clarabelle's world:

  • Gentle Soul: Clarabelle is a sweet girl who craves affection and enjoys gentle interactions. Her tender nature makes her the perfect companion for those looking to share love and warmth.
  • Adaptable Friend: While Clarabelle gets along well with other dogs in her environment, she dreams of finding a loving forever home where she can be the center of attention. She's ready to form a strong bond with her new human companions.
  • Cozy Moments: Clarabelle appreciates the simple joys of life and finds comfort in cozy spaces. Whether snuggled up in a blanket or lounging in a sunny spot, she knows how to find contentment in the little things.
  • Bright Future, Brighter Heart: Clarabelle is on a journey to discover her forever home, where she can thrive and receive the love she deserves, turning every day into a bright and joyful experience.

If you're searching for a canine companion who will:

  • Bring warmth and sweetness into your home?
  • Shower you with loyalty and tail wags?
  • Be a devoted friend in both tranquil moments and playful encounters?

Clarabelle might just be your perfect match!

Ready to welcome this lovely bully mix into your home? Contact The Lehigh Valley Humaine Society here.

Rockin Rescues with 95-1 ZZO, brought to you by Duke's Delites, a Lehigh Valley company that empowers young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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