Meet BRONX! Our Rockin' Rescue of the Week with Duke's Delites!

Meet Bronx, the charismatic tabby who is ready to steal your heart! At just around three years old, Bronx is a large and lovable feline with a penchant for human attention and playful antics. With his striking tabby markings and charming personality, he's the perfect companion for anyone seeking a delightful addition to their home.

Take a closer look into Bronx's world:

Playful Spirit: Bronx is a playful guy who enjoys interactive toys and loves to engage in fun activities. His lively nature is sure to bring joy and entertainment into your daily life.

Adaptable Companion: While Bronx gets along well with the other cats in his room, he wouldn't mind being the center of attention as the only cat in an adult home. He craves human interaction and is ready to be your steadfast friend.

Napping Connoisseur: Bronx has mastered the art of relaxation and enjoys napping in high places. Whether basking in the sunlight or finding a cozy spot, he knows how to appreciate the finer moments in life.

Golden Years, Golden Heart: Bronx is on a quest to find a loving forever home where he can thrive and receive the attention he deserves, making every day golden.

If you're searching for a feline companion who will:

Bring laughter and playfulness into your home? Shower you with affection and purrs? Be a loyal friend in both quiet moments and lively play?

Bronx might just be your perfect match!

Ready to invite this charming tabby into your home? Contact Forgotten Felines at 610-760-9009 or submit an application here.

Rockin Rescues with 95-1 ZZO, brought to you by Duke's Delites, a Lehigh Valley company that empowers young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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