Meet KITTY! Our Rockin' Rescue of the Week with Duke's Delites!

Meet Kitty, the age-defying feline who is redefining what it means to be a senior cat! At 14 years young, she exudes charm, playfulness, and a touch of that endearing orange cat goofiness. Despite her senior status, Kitty is a lively and delightful companion, ready to bring joy and warmth to your home.

Take a peek into Kitty's world:

Playful Elegance: Don't let her age fool you – Kitty is a master of graceful play. From feather toys to cozy spots in the sun, she embraces the finer things in life.

Eternal Youth: Kitty's playful spirit is timeless, making her the perfect match for anyone seeking a forever friend with a youthful zest for life.

Adaptable Charm: Whether with dogs, other cats, or children, Kitty effortlessly fits into any family dynamic. Her adaptable nature makes her a wonderful addition to households of all kinds.

Golden Years, Golden Heart: Kitty is on a quest to find a loving forever home to spend her golden years in, surrounded by affection and comfort.

If you're searching for a feline companion who will:

Bring laughter and playfulness into your home? Shower you with affection and purrs? Be a steadfast friend in both quiet moments and lively play?

Kitty might just be your perfect match!

Ready to invite this ageless beauty into your furever family? Contact The Lehigh Valley Humane Society here.

Rockin Rescues with 95-1 ZZO, brought to you by Duke's Delites, a Lehigh Valley company that empowers young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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