Even my doctors office was decorating for Halloween but this was VERY SCARY

Halloween seems tamer in my neighborhood this year.

It does look like my neighbors are getting more into Halloween. Halloween in this neighborhood is just for kids and trick or treating.

I do remember some wild Halloween parties for adults, people wearing wild costumes. I was never too inventive when it came to costumes, I guess being a priest or a ghost was about us all as much as I could do!

There was one couple that was really creative. They got dressed up as an electrical outlet and plug, he obviously was the plug, and she was the outlet. It was a great thing when the two costumes connected ... they both lit up and flashed ... pretty funny stuff.

I'm wondering what people are going to dress up as this year. Maybe a Covid-19 germ … all red and prickly. Masked of course!

Halloween is the day the dead come back to life! It can also be a day to become dead! I remember a story about Marie, my Aunt Marie. (Doesn’t everyone have an Aunt Maire?) I guess when Marie was younger, you could call her one of those “party girls” hopping from corner bar to corner bar. Partying, drinking and smoking, she had those bad habits.

One Halloween she was sitting at her kitchen table, smoking as usual and suddenly, she made this horrible noise! And BANG, BOOM. She dropped dead of a stroke. If you're gonna go, that's the way to go, quick and why not on Halloween!

Happy Halloween.

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