Wolf Van Halen Has A Head Start On 'Mammoth WVH' Follow-Up

With his Mammoth WVH debut album finally due for release in a couple months and no impending tour dates, Wolfgang Van Halen acknowledged that his second album may be partially written already.

Wolfgang tells Indulge that while he remains focused on promoting his debut, album No. 2 is "kind of" in the works.

"'Cause I had so many ideas that I recorded for the first album that I think there's so much left over that if I wanted to throw something together really quick, I could," he explained. "But I'd wanna put more work into it. It certainly won't take as long as the first album."

Wolfie took several years to write and record his debut. He has said he was in no rush to release anything for a long time because he wanted to develop his craft as a songwriter.

Still, Mammoth WVH would have arrived as early as 2019 were it not for his father, Eddie Van Halen's health struggles. This past November, Wolfgang explained to Eddie Trunk he didn't want to pile the pressure of launching his solo career atop the stress of his father's cancer battle.

Wolfgang has released four singles from the album, including "Distance," "You're To Blame," "Don't Back Down" and "Think It Over."

This week, the singer and multi-instrumentalist dropped an animated lyric video for "Think It Over," which you can watch via the video player above.

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Photo: Travis Shinn