David Crosby Fully Retracts Comments Dismissive Of Eddie Van Halen's Legacy

David Crosby is making no excuses for his insensitive and "embarrassing" comments regarding late-rock icon Eddie Van Halen.

In his career, Croz has generally gotten into trouble for saying too much. But this time he got himself in deep replying with a simple "Meh ...." to a fan asking for his thoughts on the Van Halen co-founder.

Amid a wave of pushback, the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer doubled-down, asserting that no one since Jimi Hendrix "changed the world of guitar" and then clumsily explaining that he didn't mean to impugn Eddie's talent, just to express that he didn't care for the man's music.

After that garnered even more resentment, Crosby agreed that his earlier replies were "not cool" and admitting that he "didn't even remember" that Eddie had just passed away. If he did, he would have known to keep his mouth shut, he said.

Finally, on Wednesday, Croz issued his most valiant attempts yet at contrition.

"You will be happy to know that I am reliably informed by the younger members of my family that I am an old idiot and Van Halen was one of the next [sic] guitarists to have ever lived," he Tweeted.

Crosby later added that Eddie was "an amazing guitarist" and emphasized that he is utterly unfamiliar with all the "big pop rock bands" of the '70s and '80s, noting he never ever owned a Led Zeppelin record.

Eddie Van Halen's death drew a wave of tributes from across the music industry, especially from rock musicians who credit Van Halen with changing almost everything about the electric guitar from the '80s onward and pushing rockers to knew heights of technical ability and songwriting sophistication.

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