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Win Streak Changes Nothing

You thought with the 4 game sweep of Milwaukee, that the Phillies were going to avoid being sellers at the trade deadline?  You thought that they would sneak their way back into the race and become relevant?  Not a chance.

This little 5 game win explosion won’t change the fact that anyone on this team that is making any kind of money – has to go ASAP.  Starting with Hamels.  The Phillies need prospects – not because the existing players cannot play - - but because the management team is not ENABLING the players to excel.  So why waste all that money and talent??  Move these guys to teams where they can play to their potential – and get us some prospects that the future management of the Phillies can mold into a competitive team again.

That burst of runs and wins – was nothing more than a handful of players (see my LAST blog), that know they are on the trading block – and want to make an excellent impression on their new boss – whoever that may be.

I don’t want to pile on – and go into what was wrong with this team again and point fingers and assign blame.  There is enough of that to go around and I have pointed that out consistently in the last few columns.  Bottom line – is the team is running the highest payroll in their history – and  is 11 games UNDER .500 and 10 games out of first. 

Unacceptable and nothing short of a complete disgrace.  Amaro and Sandberg are the culprits.   I think if you ditch BOTH those guys between now and Friday – the 2nd half of the season would have a markedly different look.  Hell, I would even take the miserable Ed Wade at this point.  And put Bowa back in the Skipper Slot.

There are a lot of young guys that are now looking to get their chance.  And Hamels is praying to his creator that Philadelphia can move him to a team that may be able to get him more than 3 wins in the 2nd half of the season.

This team should be ashamed of the first half of baseball.  I typically am at 2-3 games before July and 2-3 games  after July every year.  I have been to none  - and I will not go to any this year. 

They haven’t reduced their ticket prices, have they?  Did they reduce their beer prices?  If a company puts out a product that sucks – and no one wants it – don’t they typically lower the price to move that product?  If the Phillies would lower their price of admission – maybe the beer and food vendors wouldn’t be going broke.  Heck, with the numbers that I see in the stands  this year – you could hire me, my 13 yr old, and my dog to be the security force for Citizens  Bank Park.

Well – August is right around the corner.  We have Chip Kelly and the Eagles to look forward to in a  few weeks.  And thankfully for this Cowboys dan, they will probably perform about as well as the Phillies this year  ;-))