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I am not ignoring this ridiculousness that is going on in the Phillies Comcast Broadcast Booth.  However, I am giving these new guys a few games to get some seasoning before I comment.  But listening to these 3 call a game is really starting to appear more like a SNL skit, than a professional baseball game.  So stay tuned for my opinions after I see a few more games.  Did anyone notice they were dressed as if they were going to a banquet last night in the booth?  I have no vague idea what is going on there.


Probably the most disappointing 2 games I have seen out of this team in a while.  A lot of very good efforts gone to waste. 

First, let us revisit the game on 4/1.  There wasn’t a whole lot that could be done differently there – unless you count Utley not getting the bunt down in the 6th inning with men on 1st and 2nd. . . needing the insurance runs, he has to get that bunt down.  He made one poor attempt, and then flied out. . . I would be interested to know if Sandberg took the bunt off or if Utley just decided to swing away.

Regardless, the Phillies didn’t score enough runs to secure a lead with a shaky bullpen.  I didn’t mind bringing in Hollands in that situation – he needs to get that big game pressure experience.  I am liking what I see from Hollands so far.  BJ Rosenberg is a different story.  I give that guy one more chance with men on base and if he lets them cross the plate, I would send him to the Pigs ASAP. 

I thought it was a very good outing from Burnett and a pleasant surprise.  This guy is our #3 starter this year. . . and to go 6 innings and allow 1 run??  I will take that EVERY time from him.  The other thing I like from what I see here is the fact that the Phillies are scoring FIRST.  This team has trouble playing from behind and to control the game early is going to be critical.  It lets the starting pitcher settle down and get a little deeper into the game and puts the onus on the other team to make something happen.  The bullpen is a weak spot and that is not a surprise to anyone – but they all get paid to do a job and they need to do it.

Last night’s game hurt.  That hurt BAD.  This guy Papelbon has one job.  Close.  Come in, throw one inning of reasonably good ball, and go home.   If I goto work today and do my job as poorly as Papelbon did his job last night – I guarantee I am looking for a job by noon today.  That was a completely wasted effort by the entire team. 

A brilliant performance by Kendrick.  He was able to stop this horrible habit he has last year of giving up runs in the first inning.  And worked out of a tough first inning jam using a variety of pitches.   Kendrick scattered 5 hits through 7 and walked 1 and struck out 4.   Again, like Burnett’s performance the night before – that is what we need out of the starting rotation.  Perfect!!!  If we can get these 2 guys to duplicate those past 2 efforts more times than not this season – the Phillies will surprise a LOT of people.  Lee and Hamels will take care of their own – and with Burnett and Kendrick looking strong in the 3 and 4 spots – that has to make us fans feel pretty good about our starting rotation.

But we cant be heading into the 9th every game, with a towel over our head ala “Wild Thing”.   13 Million a year – highest paid closer in 2014.  First opportunity – blown.  And blown in horrible fashion.  He has nothing.  He couldn’t even record 2 hours before giving up 2 walks, 4 hits, 3 runs – and the lead and the game.

I did like the way Sandberg changed up the lineup – and Howard did show he belongs in the 4 hole with that 2 run bomb he hit to give the Phillies the 3-0 lead. 

Overall – we saw a lot of positives this first 3 game series.  Unfortuntaly, all 3 games were very winnable and we come out of there 1-2.  That really hurts since we are staying on the road.  See below for the likely matchups in Chicago.  No night games this weekend – all games are a 2:20 start FYI.

Check back here Monday Morning for a recap of the weekend activities – and looking forward to next weeks home opener!!!!  Go Phils!!!!!

Friday — RHP Roberto Hernandez (first start) vs. LHP Travis Wood (first start)
Saturday — LHP Cliff Lee (1-0, 14.40) vs. RHP Jeff Samardzija (0-0, 0.00)
Sunday — RHP A.J. Burnett (0-0, 1.50) vs. RHP Carlos Villanueva (0-0)