By: David Malandra(Twitter: @djmjr788) Phillies Contributor

Everyone in Philadelphia is getting over the end of the exciting Eagles season and the Flyers & 76ers continue with their season, it is less than a month until the Phillies report to Clearwater for spring training. Phillies second baseman Chase Utley spoke for the first time in 2014 on Monday as he made his rounds on the Philly airwaves about the upcoming 2014 season

In the first interview, Utley was about signing a contract extension prior to the start of 2013season, Utley said the following

 “I really enjoyed playing baseball in Philadelphia. There’s really no better place to play. As long as we’re playing fairly well, there’s no better place to play. They [Philadelphia fans] can be tough on you at times, but you know what, they kind of bring the best out of you. There’s no more beautiful stadium than Citizens Bank Park” Latter on in the interview, Utley was asked about what went wrong during the 2013 season, Utley went on to say “Everyone was trying to get a feel for everything this past year. Losing Charlie [Manuel], him and Ryan Howard, there was a lot of awkward things last year, but the bright side is guys had an opportunity to play that hadn’t played at this level before. Guys got their feet wet. Come this year, it’s time to get it rolling now.”

The big story in baseball is about suspension of Alex Rodriguez for his PED use, Utley was asked about his take if PED Users should be in the hall of fame

“I haven’t even thought about the Hall of Fame. I think it’s something to be talked about. I think a guy that gets caught using should be suspended, he’s breaking the rules. The rules are what they are and I think Major League Baseball and the players associating over the past few years has done a better job of catching guys that are trying to cheat the system and I think going forward they are going to continue to crack down on that.” Then Utley went on to say the following “I came into the league when they had just kind of started drug testing. So it’s never been around, or at least I haven’t seen it a lot and therefore, obviously nobody would talk about it. It’s obviously a little bit frustrating to see that guys are still doing it, but I firmly believe that they’ll continue to weed those guys out.”


Later in the day, Utley was asked if this team thinks it has another playoff run in them

“I definitely believe we have a run. Yeah, we are a little bit older but with the age we have experience.” Then he was asked about his health and the training that he does “I realize that I'm not getting any younger but I'm trying to hold off Father Time as long as possible” the final thing he was asked about the amount of games that he wants to play “I'm trying to shoot for playing as many games as possible. Ryne and I will have that conversation before Spring Training.” 
In both interviews, Utley said that he is excited to get down to Clearwater & everything started 
Some Important dates to mark down: 
February 13: pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training for first workout 
February 18: position players report to Spring Training for first full squad workout 
February 26: Phillies 1st Spring Training game vs. Blue Jays 
March 28: 1st Spring Training Game at Citizens Bank Park vs. Pirates at 7PM 
March 31: Opening Day at Texas Rangers at 2PM 
April 7: Home Opener vs. Milwaukee Brewers at 3PM