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Listen Up David Montgomery

It’s never easy to say “Good Bye” – but right now, that is precisely what needs to happen.  This team is loaded with talent – and that talent has been mis-managed with Neolithic incompetence from the top down.   

Does everyone know the function of a boss/manager?  It’s to be a “Leader”.   Leader, Manager, Champion, Motivator.

Any boss, not just baseball.  Example-   let’s take the best sales team in an industry.  You have a sales team for an advertising company – that constantly blows out its numbers.  Every sales goal is demolished and the company is making money hand over fist.  The sales team makes money, the sales manager makes money, the GM makes money and the CEO makes money.  Brilliant.  So if we have such a kick ass sales team – why do we need to pay a sales manager 100K and 12% override?  Well – it’s because regardless of how good the Sales Team is – they are still human.  And humans are inherently LAZY.  The sales team NEEDS someone who is vested in their performance – that will drive an already talented team – to higher achievements – to greatness – to push them to their limits – limits even they didn’t know they had.  To close 90% of their calls – instead of the incredible 75%.  

So we start with Sandburg and Amaro.  Good Bye.  Sandburg was a horrible experiment and he is doing less with a better team than Bowa or Manuel did.  He has zero excitement, he is not motivating anyone – and is on track to have one of the worst home records of any MLB team in history.   That is flatly unacceptable  - and Rueben Amaro hired him.  Good Bye to both.  Amaro should fire Sandberg now, and promote Larry Bowa to interim manager.  Then Amaro needs to be fired at end of year and a real GM can be hired.

It will be up to David Montgomery to make the moves that need to be made at the trade deadline – as Amaro cannot be trusted with the lack of success he has showed.

Who else?  Let’s start the list.  In order of who should go first.






Rollins (waive that clause dude)


Why not trade Mayberry, Brown, Burnett, Kendrick, Hernandez?  Want to tell me who wants them?  They are terrible.  You couldn’t move them to an AA team for a water cooler and a bat boy to be named later.

The above list of 7 players are the core of the Phillies talent.  And they are the most valuable chips that we have to deal.  And we need to MAXIMIZE the return we get for them.  Hamels and Papelbon are superstars.  They don’t deserve the hand they are being dealt sitting on a team that can’t stay close in the worst division in baseball.  Move them to contenders, let them have their glory, and get MAX value for them.  Utley too.

There are superstar prospects out there – and we need them and want them.  And the core of rebuilding can begin.

Asche, Diekman, Brignac, Nieves, Giles, Byrd, Gwynn Jr, Buchanan, #1 Draft Pick Aaron Nola, etc.  That is the rebuilding core.  Deal with it.

Ok David Montgomery – time for YOU to show what you can do as a “Leader”.  

You are on deck, Sir.  Make it happen.