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Holiday Weekend Split – But Hopes are High!!!

Friday – 3 Hits/0 Runs/Loss 2-0

Saturday – 7 Hits/5 Runs/ Win 5-3

Sunday – 0 Hits/0 Runs/Loss 6-0

Monday – 12 Hits/9 Runs/Win 9-0

Definitely an up and down weekend at home for this team.  The losses are disturbing though.  2 shutouts at home in a 4 game weekend?  3 hits in those 2 games?  Citizens Bank IS a hitters park, boys.  Didn't you get the memo?

Working backwards:

Last night’s game was fun to watch.  LOTS of hitting – and a great performance by Kyle Kendrick to work out of multiple men on situations and give up ZERO runs to a very good hitting Colorado team.  Kendrick scattered 6 hits and walked 4 (FOUR????  Ugh) through 6 and 2/3 – so with 10 baserunners in less than 7 innings – he was often in trouble.  He did get the ground balls when he needed and made the good pitches when he needed – so HUGE Kudos to Mr Kendrick for breaking a miserable 10 game losing streak that I am certain was keeping him up at night.

And the Phillies knocked the apple around.  Finally.  Revere, Howard, Utley, all with 3 hits each – and Howard with a MONSTER blast to center (his 8th HR) and wrapped with a total of 5 RBI.  Rollins and Hernandez were the only regulars to go hit-less.  And even the bullpen was money.  0 ER and DeFratus with the call up made his return to the mound in Phila – setting Colorado down in order in the 9th.  GREAT game boys.

Sunday – between working the grill, entertain guests, and remembering our fallen heroes – Beckett was sharp – and the Phillies looked like they forgot how to swing the bat.  Beckett also became the first visiting pitcher to throw a no-hitter in Philadelphia since Montreal's Bill Stoneman no-hit us in 1969- at Connie Mack Stadium.  Yay him.

Saturday showed one of those rare shining glimmers of hope us Phillies fans LOVE to see.  With Cliff Lee on the DL, 25 yr old Right Hander David Buchanan got the call up from Allentown to fill in for Lee.  He pitched brilliantly through 5 giving up 5 hits, 2 earned and walking NONE!  The bats were hot – as Utley took advantage of a first inning miscue.  Utley popped a foul to the catcher – an easy out – and Dodger catcher AJ Ellis dropped it.  Utley drove the next pitch into the right field seats to score Revere and give the Phillies a 2-0 lead early.  Phila got 2 more in the 2nd – as Ben Revere stayed hot and went 4-4, and the Phillies had all they needed.  The pen was able to be sharp enough to keep LA from closing the gap – and Papelbon continues to impress as he brings his A game to the 9th every time he is called upon – and actually makes it to the mound.

So for a status check – the Phillies are no longer in last place.  That is reserved for the Mets (HA).

They remain 5 back of Atlanta and we see Hamels and Hernandez to close out the series with Colorado.  I would love to take another 1 in this series – but we are against De La Rosa and Lyles – a combined 10-4 this year for Colorado.  De La Rosa has horrible historic numbers against Phila – and with Hamels looking to pick up the slack from Lee – I expect a win tonight in a low scoring game.

We get to see David Buchanan again this week as he opens the series against the Mets on Thursday – and ALL eyes will be on him as he looks to make it 2 in a row and make it very difficult to remove him from the rotation when the staff is 100% healthy again.  

Let’s go boys!!!!  5 games back is nothing!!!  Get HOT!  Put a streak together and lets hunt down those BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!