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Good Road Trip + The Cole Hamels “Problem” 

A nice road trip, that didn’t end so well. And the question that every hack sports writer in Phila (which is every sports writer) is asking and trying to generate discussion.

First – we are tied for last and 5 out.  We lost the last 2 games to St Louis, even though they were winnable games – but no one expected us to sweep a 7 game road trip, did they?  They battles St Lou until the end in both Sat and Sun games, but came up short both times.

Hamels pitched a great game on Sat – but as has been the standard, didn’t get the run support he needed.  The guy pitches 1 run ball through 7 and cant get out of Stl with a W.  Hey, I would be pissed too.  The Philly bats seemed to go quiet on Saturday as the Phils and Hamels lost 4-1.

Sunday, Cody Asche gave the Phillies a 3 run lead early in the game but Kendrick gave the game up by allowing a 4 spot in the 4th – which Phila could never recover from and we dropped the final game of the road trip 5-3.  

So the question that is on everyone’s column and on the comedy show that Philadelphia likes to call “Sports Talk Radio 610 WIP” – is  - --  >  Should the Phillies keep Cole Hamels or look to trade him at the trade deadline.

The reason that this question is wildly inappropriate NOW, is that its June 23rd – not July 12th.  There are 6 weeks before the trade deadline.  A LOT can happen in 6 weeks.  Let’s be clear – if the Phillies make a move upward in the standings – and are just a couple games out of first by the middle of June – Hamels won’t be going anywhere.  That ballpark NEEDS some excitement this year.  Have you seen the seats on TV?  That park is not half full for any of these games.  You put them into a NL East race, and they will sell out when Hamels is pitching.  That is a guarantee.

However, if they are 8, 9, 10 out of first by the middle of July – then it’s a no brainer.  Hamels will be history – along with whomever else we can move. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Brown, Lee.  And then we will be looking towards 2018 as a year when we can compete again.  

I believe these Phila sportswriters are creating this “Hamels Problem” strictly to create controversy.  WIP this morning featured a spat between Hamels and Ruiz in the dugout on Saturday – and that was the main topic of chatter on this radio version of Comedy Central.  “Hamels is mad at Ruiz” -  “Hamels is Difficult” – “Hamels wants to be traded” – “Cole is a Diva”.  

Seriously Angelo and team – stop already.   If they WATCHED the game – they would know that home plate umpire Larry Vanover was squeezing Hamels. Which accounted for Hamels’ walk problem that he was having.  And Hamels was clearly VENTING to Ruiz that he wasn’t getting the calls and that he was pissed that he was getting squeezed by the ump.  Ace pitchers do not start fights with the catchers in the dugout.  Maybe Angelo and his pals could actually watch a complete game or 2 before trying to generate calls from the hung-over Phila drunks that call in to further their agenda.

Bottom line – is that right now, Hamels is not going anywhere.  And he shouldn’t. He is the guy that everyone wants to see pitch – and can typically guarantee the bullpen a night off.

Now can we stop all the “Amrchair General Managing” – and just root this hot team in for some NL East wins at home please?!?!?!?!

Let’s GET MIAMI!!!!!!