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Pete Rose bet games that he managed as skipper for the Reds – and he never made decisions so poor as Phillies manager Sandberg did on Saturday afternoon – even when Rose was betting thousands on the games.

Can someone please explain to me what Ryne Sandberg is doing?  Is he learning on the job?  Is he drinking in the dugout?   Is he taking some “alternate approach” to baseball a-la Chip Kelly and his innovative offense?  (Which is more offensive than innovative obviously)?   There is precious little excuse that Phillies fans should witness what we witnessed on Saturday afternoon/evening.

Before I call for Sandberg’s job – it was quite a weekend with these pathetic Mets in Phila.  Our bullpen was LIGHTS OUT the past 3 days.  I have to commend the Phillies bullpen and everyone in there– because that was one brilliant weekend, guys.  And I mean brilliant.  

After Burnett’s very mediocre outing Friday – the bullpen came in to relieve him in the 8th, and proceeded to pitch 7 scoreless innings!!!!  In fact, the only hits that were given up in those 7 were the 2 by Papelbon in the 9th.  Diekman, Adams, Hollands, Bastardo, Papelbon and DeFratus all had a hand in that 6-5 win that looked to be a great start to the weekend.

Then came the afternoon game Saturday.  Kendrick didn’t have a great day in the least, giving up 4 through 6 – but did keep us in the game long enough to come back to tie it in the 9th on Dom Brown’s single scoring Byrd that led the rally with a ground rule double.

10th inning – Phillies up to bat.  Revere singles, Rollins walks.  Phillies have men on 1st and 2nd with zero out.  Utley up.  Hey Sandberg – YOU BUNT HERE!  There is no thinking about it, no wondering, no 2nd guessing.  You have a very tired bullpen and a chance to put this game away.  You get the guys to 2nd and 3rd with 1 out and force the Mets to play a pulled in defense.  Now all of a sudden, you have several ways to win the game.

Ground out


Fly ball

Extra base hit


Wild pitch

Fielding error


Any of the above will win the game, if you bunt Utley and get men on 2nd and 3rd.    

But Sandberg doesn’t.  I don’t know why, but he doesn’t.  And the Phillies go out in turn without scoring.

Then comes the 13th.  Again – Phillies get the first 2 men on.  Still a tie game – and D Brown is up.  Hey Sandberg – YOU BUNT HERE!!!  

Inexplicably, he lets Brown swing away, and he grounds into a double play destroying the no out threat.  

Manship was absolutely brilliant in this game, but Sandberg let him hit in the 13th with a man on 3rd – which is a debated move – but he pulls up lame and Bastardo has to pitch the 14th – and he gives up the lead.

So now, the Phillies are in the bottom of the 14th – down 1.  And guess what??  They get the first 2 men on AGAIN!!  And up comes Revere. . . Hey SANDBERG!!!!!  YOU FREAKIN BUNT HERE!!!!!!!!  

Seriously man?  He lets Revere swing away.  He strikes out and Rollins and Utley go quietly and the Phillies lose a game they should have won.

I challenge ANYONE to find me a game in Phillies history that was managed as poorly as that game.  I have been watching the Phillies since I was about 5 yrs old and I cannot recall any game where basic fundamentals were ignored by the manager not once, or twice, but 3 times.  And cost us the game.

You could go back to any game that Pete Rose managed where he had money on the game – and you will NEVER find moves so ludicrous as the moves that Sandberg made in Saturday’s game.  He wasted another brilliant performance by the bullpen and ended up costing us the game – with momentum that carried over to Sunday, culminating with another extra inning loss.

If anyone has any balls in that organization, there should be a press conference at noon today announcing Sandberg’s firing for Neolithic incompetence.  There is not one excuse I can think of to allow him to manage one more game with this team.  They lose enough – they don’t need his help to lose even more.

22 years ago – Phillies 2nd baseman Ryne Sandberg was traded to the Cubs with Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus.  Perhaps this week, we could trade him for someone who is twice as intelligent a manager?