Samantha Layne

For the pyro kid who has everything...

Spa-Musement Park!

A nice daddy/daughter South Park moment

This kid has high moral standards. :)

Working with Jigsaw

Who needs collagen?

Samantha Layne

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Sam first fell in love with rock when she heard the sweet, sweet sounds of Def Leppard's Pyromania in the 6th grade and through the years she maintains daydream romances with Billie Joe Armstrong, James Hetfield and Dave Grohl.Sam went to Kent State University as a Theatre/Language major. After trying to make a living as an actor, Sam came to a startling discovery - "Hey...people need money to eat and pay bills..!" - and quickly enrolled into Broadcasting School.Sam has been on the air in Cleveland, Albany and Philadelphia but calls the Lehigh Valley home. She loves Kung Fu, reading, cooking and video games, and considers her husband, two kids and dogs a great slobbery blessing.

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