Reporters, media personell and even athletes have been tweeting about what a nightmare it has been for them ever since landing in Sochi.. the photos are funny, but in that sad, "OMG, is that REAL??" kinda way..

I'm not sure what's worse - the Russian events organizer telling one CNN reporter to just "look at the mountains and it'll be better," OR the fact the the Russian government has responded to the outcries by saying that they KNOW for a fact the conditions aren't that bad because, well, as we ALWAYS suspected, they're SPYING on the rooms! That's right.. they've admitted (without shame or apology) that they've got cameras in the rooms, including the bathing areas, and everything seems just peachy to them..

Yeah, keep sippin that hard "potato juice" y'all got over there to keep ya warm..

CLICK HERE for the horrific (but tragically funny) photos of #SOCHIPROBLEMS

and CLICK HERE for Russia's response..

RUSSIA FTW!  (that's "FOR THE WIN" for all you nontext speaking people)