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Monika Moraless

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If you suffer severe road rage, are addicted to video games, can't handle your liquor and more often than not like to just sit around on your butt doing nothing, then let's be friends! Hit me up on Facebook, cause I'm a creep and I don't belong here ♥ Oh, and listen to the radio. It'll make you a sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.Originally an indentured, unpaid employee intern for ZZO, they've finally decided to pay me and throw me on air. After many unspeakable training sessions, I have finally spread my little radio wings and am ready to rock your airwaves, or something along those lines.Gummy bears, puppy dogs and football are great conversation starters if you wanna buy me free beer. No really, I like beer. Especially if it's free. But honestly, if you talk to me about the first two things on that list, I'm more than likely going to ignore you. My conversations usually involve extreme acts of violence - in video games and football, that is.I can most likely kick your butt in any video game, except sports games, because honestly, who plays those? I haven't played a Madden since my Sega Saturn days because it's the same game every year, with different player rosters, right? Give me a 6 pack, some Halo or C.O.D and I'm good to go!I suffer Severe roadrage so f you see me out and about expect to get things thrown at you from out my window. I'm notorious for walking into things, breaking everything and anything, and getting myself glued to the ZZO makes me work from inside a plastic bubble, wearing safety gloves, a helmet and a bell to ring when I'm hungry or have to use the potty. Seriously.


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