Backyard Bands Playlist for 04/23/17


Email: Jain@wzzo.com
Jain: facebook.com/JainSquared
Local Bands: Backyard Bands
I host Backyard Bands! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE!!On Air Details - Yeah, so I'm Jain. I'm the OTHER fem at ZZO! I'm not going to go into great detail about myself so I made a list of A COUPLE of the things that I like and don't like...A FEW of my favorite things (in no particular order): * New Jersey* japanese food* dr. katz* david cross* giraffes* going to shows* stella comedy/shorts* my kittens: nermal, bubbeleh, and ugly (R.I.P.)* HBO* my chuck taylors* salads* us weekly* partially popped popcorn* sleeping* spending time with amazing friends and family* The Punk Rock and Metal!!Things that I don't really think are that awesome: * waking up* meat* TRAFFIC* novelty t-shirts* humidity* wedgies * when my computer crashes* driving* when people get mad at me* being short* doing laundry* cleaning the litter box* most pop punk(PS---"Jain is a beautiful person; such a treasure!" T. Bearman, WZZO Radio)


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